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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 31, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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s. hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's monday, october
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en. 2011. you're watching "right this minute". a spooky story about a portland woman who wanted to be inside a horse. she was just curious so she wanted to crawl into the carcass of a horse. is it weird devil worship or something else? better watch your back stroke michael phelps. >> we're both surfers. >> hear how baby was in the surf from birth. we have a couple of great tricks to pull. the old candy bowl fake out and then the polteir gempb polteirgeist prank. we begin our show today with some disturbing images and steven you have a story some
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people might think is a halloween story but has nothing to do with halloween. >> you're right. it's scary. it's gross. it's flat out weird. this is an exclusive story from portland, oregon. what we're seeing here a 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend were investigated by the washington county sheriff's office for taking pictures with a slaughtered horse carcass. this was their horse. the horse of old. they put the horse down. this horse was gutted. this girl got naked. got inside the stomach of the horse. this is like silence of the lambs stuff. they asked why did she do this. she said she wanted to feel one with the horse. she didn't want to offend anyone she was just curious. >> so she wanted to crawl into the carcass of the horse. the whole thing is gross on so many weird levels.
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>> this news channel showed the photos to this 21-year-old's mother. >> oh, my good she got all the way in. >> people are calling her a devil worshipper or a pervert. her mother said she's neither of those thing. >> how do you not vomit? >> even more weird after this whole thing went down the meat was harvested and eaten and this girl's mother said it was the sweetest meat she's ever tasted. wow. >> really weird. >> now no charges were filed because no criminal activity took place. the animal wasn't tortured, it was put down in a humane way a single bullet to the horse's head. either way washington county's investigation is suspended. there are ads intended to shock and then there are ads that are shocking. take a look at this story we found. >> if you were a socialist liberal and voted for the
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current campaigner in chief don't take this class. you've prove convenient you can't make a prudent decision as required under the law. >> this was an actual radio law. the voice that hour hearing is a guy named crockett keller. he owns kellers riverside store in mason, texas. >> also if you're a nonchristian, arab or muslim i'll not teach you the class. i'm crockett keller. >> crockett keller paid $175 for six days worth of ad space on this radio station. so the ad is no longer airing but gone viral on the internet so people are still hearing it. >> if you are a devout muslim then you cannot be a true american. why should i arm these people to kill me? >> when you have freedom of speech people have the freedom to say this stuff. >> the freedom of speech and freedom of religion is in the
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same bill of rights. . >> i'm not going to do it. i would give up my life. >> the department of public safety said conduct by an instruct orthat denies service to individuals based on ethnicity or religion would place that license into suspension. he could lose his license. he could have to stop offering these classes t to people. washe and emergency crews were all on scene for a pretty dramatic rescue at the tidal basin in d.c. they are not rescuing a tourist, they are rescuing a deer. a deer got trapped in the tidal pool and deer can swim quite fine but the tidal pool walls are steep and he had no way to get out. if rescuers didn't get him out he would have drowned.
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th they tranquilized the deer and warmed him up. they are going to serve him at a thanksgiving dinner -- just kidding. >> all that trouble and they are going to have him for dinner? >> kidding. they will warm him up and. set him free at a local park. >> how cool. that's really cool. >> how much of my tax dollars are being spent on this. >> enough. enough of your tax dollars are being spent on this. it's worth every penny. >> i'm actually glad that my tax dollars are being spent on this because it provides a good training exercise for all the workers because i rather them practice on a deer than to have to really rescue a person. pumpkin vampire kitty. action.
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we've all been to a fast food restaurant and a mile down the road you realize the order isn't what you like. some guy didn't like his order from taco bell and called to complain and did something else. this is from albany, georgia. an unsatisfied customer firebombed the taco bell in north albany. see the area under the drive through window burned by a molotov cocktail. there wasn't enough meat in his chalupa. called the restaurant and complained to the manager. >> why is this so funny to you? >> if you give something off the there are menu do you expect a 12 ounce new york state. >> the sign says xxlchalupa. this thing before be huge. >> it's taco bell.
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how much meat did he expect? to throw a molotov cocktail at the restaurant? for $3 he could have gotten some meat. >> i mean, look -- it does seem ridiculous this guy would go through all that for a couple of ounces of ground who knows what. [ cow sounds ] >> the molotov cocktail has gasoli gasoline. gasoline is not cheap. >> you can't throw a molotov cocktail at a restaurant. it's late. you're hungry. he thinks i'll eat the heck out of chalupa. they are pretty meager when it comes to meat. now this guy is going to jail
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for a meatless chalupa. >> remember the $5 fog machine? well now they have a cheap fun way to play lean pranks on your trick-or-treaters tonight. >> we decided to change the game up. instead of leaving a treat we'll leave a nice trick. we'll start by hot gluing to each and every piece of candy to the bottom of the bowl. add in the top shelf candy. the best of the bet approximately full size candy bars, full size boxes. >> glued them all together in the bowl. >> have a bad feeling about this. >> all these beautiful and delicious candies abound, we decided to leave the worst, half eaten chocolate. >> then they decided to glue the bowl to table. >> steal the whole bowl and just open the candy while it's still
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glued together. >> they set up a hidden camera so you can see how people react. [ laughter ] >> hey, hey, hey. >> so they did take the table after all. that is a great prank. you can do it tonight for all the trick-or-treaters coming by. >> you have to wonder if that house got egged later on. you know what i mean? because that's what people do on halloween. egg people's houses. >> all clear, general. >> what's so special about this? wait until it transforms. candy that glows? we'll tell you how to make this last minute halloween treat and angry birds go real life.
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the real thing next.
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i found the best halloween costume the year and this is a human sized transformer. >> whoa! >> that is awesome. >> it transforms. >> it even makes the transformer noise. >> it moves like a truck. >> whoa! that's awesome. this is the coolest costume i've ever seen. >> this is the best of 2011 that i've ever seen. >> looks like he had wheels on his legs. >> he had wheels on his knees. look. >> oh, no way. that is cool. >> i love this costume. it looks like he did with it a cardboard box.
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>> this guy has to be something like an engineer or something. how did he figure out how to do that. that is insane. is he an autobot or -- >> i think he's an autobot. >> i was growing up in the '80s. >> you're pretty old in dog years then. [ laughter ] >> i love that you came dressed as harry potter. >> thank you. >> sore you going to like school us hogworth cycle? >> maybe. maybe a little potions. [ applause ] >> this is becky from kraft and she's showing us to to make
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cryptonite candy. >> we'll make the shape of our candy from aluminum foil and use this pan to support our molds. >> this candy actually glows under uv light. put it under a black light. it's a great thing to do at parties or if you have a black light. now the secret of this is vitamin b2. >> riboflavin. >> she uses this aluminum foil and has little rocks she puts in there to make a mold that she puts the candy into. this is the perfect compliment to superman costume. if your doctor tells you like oh, man your riboflavin is really, low eat this candy and you'll be fine. i guess you good.
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but sugar is bad for you. >> remember he died in 1864. >> is that how you died? >> yeah. lack of riboflavin. >> nowadays it seems like kids are born with amazing talents and this 2-year-old is amazing. this is 2-year-old broman and about to go for a little swim in a 9-foot deep pool. >> what? >> he's alone! >> he's not just going for a swim. he dives. he goes under water. he swims the length of the pool. >> wow. >> he's got to be on like the u.s. olympic swimming team when he gets older. >> little michael peoplhelps wa
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out. >> we have broman himself and mom courtney and dad chris. say hello, broman. how are you? >> hi. >> did you like our costumes? >> yeah. >> so how did you learn how to swim so young? >> his first day out of the hospital we went to the beach and got his feet in the water and started just taking him in the pool from about a couple of weeks told a month old. me and his mom are surfers. we swim a lot. >> do you constantly have to tell him to get out of the pool and come play something else? >> i'll never tell him he has to leave but he has to swim laps the rest of the time we're at the pool. >> he can swim real good. >> we think he's the best swimmer in the world.
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>> bye broman. >> bye. >> ahhh. >> she may be the ultimate material girl but to her teen daughter she's just mom. what these two are up to to get you in the spotlight. a trapped baby seal has the whole world rooting for him. please tell me he gets out. hear the sad reason why he got stuck and the happy what kind of goldfish sandwich are you?
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i'm a pb and j goldfish sandwich. yeah, me too. i'm a tuna fish goldfish sandwich! that freaks me out! yeah, me too! [ male announcer ] baked with the goodness of fiber or whole grain. goldfish bread!
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[ male announcer ] baked with the goodness of fiber or whole grain. chair. we should sthet up here. we have a ton of chairs. we're going to try this. >> did you know madonna has her own clothing accessory handbag line at macy's? >> i heard she had one. >> for this line madonna collaborated with her daughter. this is a little online campaign that they put together to promote their new material girl lucky star contest. >> i worry that we can't pull it off. >> no. >> are you? >> yeah. >> seriously. >> yeah. >> typical mother/daughter. so she's a superstar she still has teenagers that despise them. >> what are you doing? >> you're screwed. >> did you hear what i said. >> ah-ha. >> i think the only person who could get away with blowing off ma on thea is madonna's daughter. >> this is what i'm right about. >> i hope so.
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>> the totes will go? >> say that. >> you think it's real or is it set up? >> even if it's set up it looks pretty good. >> they are having five life casts so people can become the new face of material girl. >> that's really cool. >> check out the prizes. a trip to new york. get your ad in the coolest magazines. be the face of material girl, a billboard in times square and $5,000 in cash. we love it when viewers say hey guys you need to do this story. and that's why i'm going to show you this next video. this is ama pro racer.
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he's whipping around on his dirt track. jason races without his right arm. he has bikes custom made for him, bikes he can control with just the left arm and he's a competitive rather's. ay son is joining us right this minute via skype from south carolina. jason, how censor >> hey guys, how are you doing? >> how are you able to control your bike? >> i lost my arm when i was 2 to a, it was a riding lawn mower. i say unfortunate but i probably wouldn't have it any other way. >> how long have you been racing then? >> i had a younger brother and he passed away and he was racing. shortly after my brother passed away that's how i ended up doing this. seven years i turned pro. >> the throttle control on a motorcycle is on the right. you got your clutch and your throttle on the left handle bar. >> right. middle finger usually works the clutch. the rest of the fingers are on the gas pretty much. >> ay son, do you feel you're
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riding for your brother? >> that's part of it. i've talked to so many people and they have these amazing stories of well, you know, i was in a car wreck, had to go through physical therapy for the last six months and every morning i have your poster over my bed and that's what i get up to. to touch someone on an emotional level in that type of way you can't really -- can't put a dollar value on it. >> you guys know that i'm an animal lover to my core and this video just kind of broke my heart. >> oh, oh. >> what you're seeing in the video is a discarded lobster trap. and inside this discarded lobster trap is a baby seal. and what's happening here is this video, this camera angle comes to us from the scottish sea bird center. just off the coast of scotland.
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this particular camera was on the isle of may. they already took a ton of trash off the island and did it in one big swoop so they could get it all before the birthing season started between for the seals. he said it was just so heartbreaking to watch this video. they are interacucam as. they have 18 of these things set up so people can dome their wildlife cnter so they can happ visitors and the staff saw this video of this seal drugling to get out of this discarded cage. >> please tell me he gets out. >> come on buddy. >> people were watching with bated breath, wait forge this thing to get out. after an hour it eventually got it out. they named this seal houdini. they put this video now not to scar us or rip our hearts out. they want to bring awareness to
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marine pollution. in this area of the north sea it is so prevalent people don't realize when they leave stuff in the water thinking it will float away animals are impacted. >> this man's face on a sign drives the crowd crazy. >> what the peck is it? the face they make when they see the sign. >> but when the sign is torn down we'll tell you what they find. >> it's a poltergeist prank caught on tape. the story of the remake and th
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let the investigation begin. disturbing video surfaces allegedly shot at a boot camp for teens. >> i don't think this is what parents expect. >> a picture from a dictator is ripped from the wall only to
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reveal a secret message. >> the face they make when they see this sign >> see what happens when this video went viral. and its trick or treat day. >> there is still time to get dressed up with something simple and very creative. >> you'll see how to do it with just a few brush strokes. and smashing pumpkins. could it be the handiwork of ghosts and goblins. >> i don't like to take something that somebody worked on for a long time and smashing it on the street and say you know what, gotcha. welcome back to "right this minute", everybody. i want to warn you that the images i'm about to shore disturbing or can be disturbing to some people. they are violent and graphic. take a look at this story we found from ktla. these are images that appear to have been shot at the firestone boy scout reservation near knots
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berry farm in california. [ screaming ] >> these videos were shot two years ago but recently uncovered by the pasadena star. parents often take their children to boot camps like this as a last resort for parents who can't discipline their teens themselves including a psychologist. many are saying the disciplinary actions were taken way too far. there's more showing boot camp leaders making a teen drink water until he vomits. >> which can be deadly. >> which can be deadly. >> i don't think this is what parents expect. >> it doesn't seem it's helpful in any way to a teenager. can't comprehend anything. four people are screaming all at once. >> this is clearly over stepping their authority. the man that you see in the corner of the screen is allegedly 41-year-old calvin mcfarland and he runs family first which is a boot camp for at risk children. this is not the first time that
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he's had any run in with the law. he's currently facing charges of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl who skipped school, hand cuffing her and then taking her home for $100. >> where did the $100 come from? >> police are saying he extorted that money from the family. mcfarland denied in being in either one of the videos. police are launching an investigation. he will face criminal child abuse charges if the investigation reveals this was in fact child abuse. really interesting social experiment that happened in tunisia recently. back january the opportutunisii ousted. recently a picture was posted on
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wall. one guy drives by, looks up what the heck is it. the face they make when they see this sign. little by little their rage gets bigger and bigger until finally they tear this guy's picture off the wall. and behind it is a message. saying get out and vote. voting was last week. th prior to this it was going be a 40%, 50% turnout. after this turned out the most shared video in tunisia and egypt they got 80% turn out rate. >> wow. >> awesome. what a great idea for them to really get out the vote. >> an actor -- you can see the relief in their face. basically the message says if you don't vote we can be right back to where we were.
4:34 pm
>> i wish our elections got an 80% turnout. >> i really do. can you imagine? the trailer for the next mission impossible movie is out. called mission impossible goes prodoll. >> the president initiated ghost protocol. the entire imf has been disavowed. >> i love the director. he did the incredible -- >> i hope you enjoyed this special exclusive look at our brand new trailer. >> tom cruise back? yes, he is. >> it was a set up. >> rushed to find this. undeclared act of war. the blame points to you and your team. >> the secretary is dead.
4:35 pm
>> the four of us are all that remains of the imf. no safe house. no support. orchestration. ♪ >> this looks like it's going to be so much fun. >> that's an awesome trailer. i love it. it's a huge cast. got the guy from the "hurt locker". >> my favorite part of these movies are the sexy girls. who is the sexy girl in this one? >> paula patton. >> i'm concerned they didn't consult me in using my name in the title. [ doo-doo ]
4:36 pm
>> you're not is going to make it. >> you're not helping. >> guys, i got one of the best most elaborate pranks you're ever going to see. it's called the poltergeist prank. this goes on for a month where one roommate pranks his other roommate for a month. >> why would you keep living like this. >> you use illusions to help me create poltergeist. >> night one things start out kind of tame. on a different night, plastic cups start falling off the kitchen counter. you see andrew coming into the room trying to inspect. as the months go on the tricks get more freaky and elaborate and andrew is getting more and more freaked out.
4:37 pm
>> oh! >> what? >> this is the biggest trick in the book to keep a straight face the entire time. after a week or so andrew is getting freaked out. the beauty of it all, as a good friend, he sits andrew down and shows him night by night all hi. >> you did this whole thing! >> priceless. >> this is the best halloween pranks. guys, tell us how this went down. >> for three months straight i've been planning i want out and everything. the move october i started executing it. >> how did you actually get the things to explode. >> can't explain a trick like that. >> andrew, you're shake being
4:38 pm
your head there. how do you feel being the elaborate for a month? >> it was funny. i do feel kind of stupid, a little bit. >> have to admit if the lamp had done that i would think the lamp exploded. i wouldn't think it was a ghost. >> he goes not to turn lights on and off. definitely a prank. >> what do you do? >> what do you do? >> read a lot of books. >> grandma has got the axe again. trying to split wood. >> grandma is 92. we'll tell you what she's up to. >> so did you hear the one about the mummy that called into the hr department. >> when was the last time somebody thought you were scary. >> it may be halloween but think how tough it is in the
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if you're going to celebrate halloween you need a pumpkin. one of the most fun things with a pumpkin after you're done with it is smash. several folks put the music together in 24 hours and listen to how creepy it sounds. ♪ >> i love seeing the seeds going up in the air. it's awesome.
4:42 pm
♪ >> i like taking something that somebody worked on for a real long time and smashing it on the street saying, you know what? gotcha. >> that's horrible, steven. i love watching it going every. pumpkins flying every where. candles flying every where. perfect smashing pumpkin video. >> i love the smashing pumpkins. melancholy. it was epic. >> you don't know what you're talking about. that was 1984. >> '95. >> this cheese isn't that old. >> cheese. ♪ >> wait a second. i just said people are dying and eating your brains. >> this little kid is singing it. it's creepy when little kids are singing. >> or happy birthday.
4:43 pm
>> that your gum? >> it got stuck in your fur. >> ghostbusters. >> your dorkiness has risen to a whole new level. >> dogs barking at pumpkins. hang on. dogs barking at pumpkins. action. [ dog barking ] >> not everybody can be as scary on halloween as i am in this ghost costume. when it's your job to be scary
4:44 pm
and you're not what happens. >> mummy, thanks for coming. have a seat. your numbers are down. we've been rooting for you to turn things down. when was the last time somebody thought you were scary? [ mumbling ] >> when was the last time somebody thought you were actually scary? [ mumbling ] >> mummy decides he's got to show off his scary skills >> you're doing the same thing you were doing back in the early 1900s. [ groaning ] >> you see this is exactly what i'm talking about. >> clearly the director hasn't seen "the curse of the mummy." you fire a mummy, he can curse you. >> i'm not being racist. this has nothing with you being african-american. wait, dude. do you self-identify yourself as an african-american.
4:45 pm
>> the hr manager wrote, directed and starred in the video. he's from the comedy group awkward spaceship joining us right this minute. is it true, is the mummy not scary any more? >> zombies have taken over the market. so i think he's just been replaced by mummy 2.0 which is zombie. >> do you ever see ghosts being as hot as vampires? >> oh, why not. it depends on exactly what is transparent on the ghost. >> oh! >> can mummies really have kids? >> i'm sorry we'll have to let you go. >> i don't know. i thought that visual was really bizarre and funny so we went with it. i don't know if it's historically accurate north. >> who knew mummy could be a daddy too. >> ahhh. >> how old your is grandma?
4:46 pm
>> 85, 86. >> can she chop wood like this woman? >> i don't think so. >> this woman is 92 and going paul bunyan. >> why is her family letting her do that? >> you know, if she's lived to be this old and has chopped wood all her life why not. they are like grand ma's got the axe again. she's trying to split wood. she can never cut the log in half but we let her try. >> grandma, chop, chop, it's getting cold in here. this cat chopped this tree. cut through half of it. now he's going to give it that last little push. wait. son of a -- >> i guess that's his truck judging by how he threw his hands in the air. i would love to here the audio. you can only be mad at yourself in this situation. should have hired the grand ma to dhut. >> can you hear those commercials like the chevy commercials, life goes on?
4:47 pm
>> yeah. >> like a rock. >> comforting, isn't it? pumpkins plus a cannon equals real life angry birds. >> the empire could use something like this. >> ignore him but hang in there and see the story behind this one. >> fake it with makeup. a last minute lesson on a cheap halloween mask from a master. >> that's michael jackson right there. >> . makeup. so is betty boop. last minute m
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♪ [ male announcer ] little owen wanted to play, but his nose was raw and sore. achoo! [ male announcer ] and common tissue made it burn even more. ♪ puffs plus lotion is more soothing than common tissue, and it delivers our most soothing lotion for every nose issue.
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a nose in need deserves puffs plus lotion indeed. to give your cold a comforting scent, try puffs plus lotion with the scent of vicks. even though most of the costume parties have happened over the weekend there is still time to get dressed up with something simple and very creative. i found this girl. her name is candy johnson. she's a former model and a professional makeup artist and she teaches you how to do all kinds of stuff. she does edwards scissor hands. jasmine. she's jessica. >> that's michael jackson right there. >> michael jackson. >> top right one in the blonde latoya? >> kelly ripa. >> betty boop. her eyelashes are amazing. >> betty boop confuses me. what is betty boop's function
4:51 pm
oscar tune character? >> she's a flapper. and the joker. not the classic joker. keith ledger's joker. she tells you what to get to make your face look crusty. she will tell you everything from materials, colors. >> shading. >> shading, everything. she's got all kinds of looks. if you want to see more head on over to our website, so, i have a great video coming to us from the uk. it's the sun. sam beard is 12 years old and he loves playing angry birds. his dad is april pumpkin farmer. he made this punch kin launcher last year as an attraction at their pumpkin farm. >> the empire could use
4:52 pm
something like this. >> sam came up to his dad and said i want to make this angry birds in real life. >> he talked to me about angry birds. he's on his phone all the time. >> he made it into a reality. >> that's awesome. let's see it in action. >> that really is pretty close to the game. that's awesome. >> that's awesome. could you imagine being able to invite your buddies over and say hey let's play angry birds. >> real angry birds. >> i know i would totally pay a couple of bucks to pull that trigger and load up the cannon. that would be perfect. >> i have one question for you.
4:53 pm
why didn't you come dressed as harry potter. where's your costume? >> yeah, where's your costume? ♪ this guy has a monkey on his back just in time for halloween. do you remember the viral video that inspired t to throw that dart
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
over to the bar so i can meet him. you guys all remember our favorite video. ♪ >> this video went viral about a year ago getting over 10 million hits. people just fell in love. >> baby monkey riding on a pig. well they made knit to a halloween costume. ♪ baby monkey ♪ baby monkey ♪ riding on a pig on a monday >> i love it. like the original video. >> you could pretty much strap anything to a puppy and it's
4:58 pm
going cute video. like a kids' toy backpack. >> i think i had one of those when i was little. like a little bear. did they have kids toys back then? this is amazing. >> great. any costume that goes viral video i'm for. >> i have to also say it looks like a costume that was kind of comfortable for the dog. ♪ baby monkey that's it for our show today. we hope you enjoyed yourself. have a fantastic halloween and on that note we're is going to leave you with one last look at the smashing pumpkin video. have a great one and we'll see you tomorrow.
4:59 pm
it's been a tradition. this tavern is 32 careers old this november and it mean has lot to a lot of people. >> monday night football, thursday note just because. they saw the newest couples in town. memories of the tavern. it's almost prime-time for halloween. we're making sure your ghosts and goblins get home safely. will this october snow make for a long winter? i tell you what. right now here's the very latest. our memories were just starting to form when we walked in


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